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- Chad simmons
American Outdoor Grill Refrigerator 4.2 cu.ft.
Not outdoor rated
My builder installed this fridge in my outdoor kitchen. It’s under a counter and in a cabana. Lasted 2 yrs and the compressor failed. It’s not outdoor rated and shouldn’t be installed outside.  Fridge does not preform well when in direct sunshine would recommend the 3589 Outdoor rated model. 
American Outdoor Grill 2 Spark Generator

i need to get the rubber boot
- Lorenzo
American Outdoor Grill 36" Built-In "T" Series Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Good Grill, Needs better Warranty
This grill is an attractive, efficient product. I have been satisfied with my purchase overall. My only complaints would be the need for a more inclusive warranty. 10 years is acceptable but I am not a fan of the omissions such as the flame tamers and the Ignition. They know these parts will go bad so they do not cover them. That is weak in my humble opinion as they should be covered for a grill at this price range. Other than that I have been generally satisfied. I did have some discoloration on the hood, but I have used 3M 96 Scouring Pads and WD 40 and broguht it back. It is not perfect but looks ok. I asked to get it replaced but had pushback on that as well. So buyer beware, the warranty is not as great as I think it should be.
- Nigel Jones
American Outdoor Grill 24" Patio Post Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Palm Desert
Ordering grill for my hm in Seattle. Bar none best grill I've ever used. Gets hot!
- mikes
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series E660 Built-In Grill Grill with Rotisserie
not worth the money
I bought this grill for the reasons that the main reviewer listed - sturdy build, high quality stainless steel, multi zone thermometer, rotisserie, night lights. I am running on Propane. I have owned it for several years now. Light went out soon after purchase. I replace the bulbs. this grill is wired into the electricity of the house, but the thermometer runs on batteries. Yes. ridiculous. the thermometer eats batteries, and died after about 15 months or so. A manual readout thermometer would be much better. The gas flow in the grill is not great. The rotisserie shaft has a storage hole in a set of metal flanges behind the grill. The holes are set so low that the big handle on the shaft hits the base of the grill, and is therefore really tough to push in and pull out. The grill just sits in the opening. There are no flanges to screw into the frame to hold the grill tight. Therefore it moves in the slot, which is annoying. There is another flange to hold a meat thermometer by its shaft. However, this is designed such that it is not possible to use it with any normal counter top because it sits under the overhang of the counter, and there is not enough room to insert it. Since this is a built in grill for countertops, this design reflects low quality, and lack of innovation follow through. They could have angled the holes to clear the overhang.
- Anthony
American Outdoor Grill 24" In-Ground Post Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Bought the natural gas inground post model in February, Self installed in May. I am very happy with the cooking results. use the Rotisserie often. Should have more instructions, about the Rotisserie, and use of the counterweight. Just be careful, The stainless steel scratches very easy, mainly on the side shelves. Had to remove scratches, now use pads on the shelves. If I have one negative , It's the optional cover which is too long, for the inground post mount, this cover kills my newly planted grass. Have to tie , the bottom cover to the post, to let the sun get to the grass. I would recommend this grill. This grill replaced a older inground post model.......
- James
American Outdoor Grill Single Side Burner - Drop-In
Good customer Service
I am one of those people who don't like to order online, but with the customer service girl I spoke to here I felt comfortable. The side burner arrived in a week and has been used a coupe of times.
- Taylor
Fire Magic Echelon Flush 30" Electric Warming Drawer
Great Idea!
I wanted just a drawer for my outdoor kitchen I was building, but one of the sales reps with this site introduced me to the warming option. I've used it more than I would have thought.
- Scott
American Outdoor Grill 30" Built-In Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
AOG 30" Island Grill
I should have gone with a Fire Magic grill. They look sleeker and they have more options. My AOG grill works well, but I should have splurged a little more. They were the best deal I could find online though.
- Tom
American Outdoor Grill 24" Patio Post Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
AOG 24" Patio Post
I bought this for my cabin and the install was easy. I had a problem with one of the knobs, but the warranty department was good about replacing it quickly. Its not big at all, but it does the job.
- Charles
American Outdoor Grill 24" Built-In Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Good Price
My friend has a more expensive grill and you can tell that his has more features. But for the money I spent on my grill I still feel like I can cook anything he can.
- Kelly
American Outdoor Grill 30" Portable Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie and Side Burner)
American Outdoor Grill 30” Standalone
Great present: I don’t normally write these reviews, but I bought this grill for my husband 2 years ago and he still reminds me how amazing it is every Christmas.
- Jared
American Outdoor Grill Double Side Burner - Built-In
Island Side Burner
We have needed to add a side burner to our bbq island for a while. This is a great product at a very reasonable price.
- Jeff
American Outdoor Grill 36" Portable Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie and Side Burner)
Wedding Gift
I moved in to a new home last year so as a wedding/moving gift my brother purchased the 36" AOG Grill for us. I love it!! The 36" model provides so much grilling space for when we have guests over. The grill heats and cooks so even, making it easy to consistently cook meat and chicken. My Dad has a built Jenn-Air and he is ready to tear the whole thing out and replace it with an AOG model. The 3 burners allows you flexibility to add a infrared burner which I will do next summer. The price tag is more then what you will see at a big box store but this grill is built to last. I recommend this grill to anyone that enjoys cooking outdoors.
- Steven
American Outdoor Grill 36" Built-In Gas Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Great Buy
I knew I wanted a grill built by RH Peterson. I just had a hard time justifying paying $$$$ for what I wanted. Heard about the AOG grills from the same company and could not be happier. It may not light up with cool LEDs and LCD displays but it cooks just like one that does. Great grill at a great price. - Copyright © 2024 All Rights Reserved