American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie System

Why Choose an American Outdoor Grill Rotisserie System?

The better question is – why not? A rotisserie system for your AOG grill can revolutionize the way you cook and add dimension and variety to your grilling. Chicken, pork, lamb - the possibilities are endless, and you will effectively turn your deck or patio into the neighborhood hub for delicious, home cooked meals that go beyond the traditional hotdogs and hamburgers. Order a rotisserie kit today with your American Outdoor Grill, and expand your grilling know-how by basting, searing, and cooking your meats to perfection.

What Does the AOG Rotisserie Kit Include?

When ordered at the same time as your American Outdoor Grill, your rotisserie kit will include the following features:

  • Infrared Back Burner
  • Rotisserie Motor
  • Meat Forks
  • Spit Rod
  • Warming Rack

  • It is important to note that the infrared back burner will come pre installed onto your grill when you order the rotisserie system. This means that, if you choose to bypass this kit when ordering your grill, you will not be able to add the infrared back burner later.

    If you already own an American Outdoor Grill and are now looking to upgrade it with a rotisserie system, it's not too late, and you are still able to do so. The rotisserie kit (model # RK24/30/36) will include everything mentioned above, except for the infrared back burner. You may order this kit on the following link and select your grill size from the drop down menu:

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