Identifying Portable AOG Replacement Parts

Identifying Your AOG Portable Cart Model

Much like the built-in models, if you own a portable American Outdoor Grill, then identifying replacement parts should be simple. The AOG cart grills come in 3 sizes/models, which are the 24” (24N/PC), 30” (30N/PC), and the 36” (36N/PC). Note that the “N” or “P” in the grill’s model number is a reference to whether your grill uses natural gas or liquid propane (most common in carts), and the “C” simply means “Cart.”

You can identify your model grill by either reviewing your owner’s manual, or by measuring your American Outdoor Grill width-wise. Once you have identified your model grill, you will be able to move forward in selecting the correct replacement parts.

Portable American Outdoor Grill Parts Diagram

Below you can review, as shown in your owner’s manual, a diagram of your grill’s parts. This diagram shows the 24” model (24N/PC), however, you should still be able to determine which part you need to replace using this diagram, even if you have the 30” or 36” models.

Portable AOG Parts List

Once you have determined which part you need to replace using the diagram above, you can find the exact part name and part number on the table below. Simply find the number from the above diagram on the following table to find the part name, and then follow the row over to your model grill. This will give you the correct part number for your grill.

Example: If you have a 36" AOG Cart Grill, and you have noted on the diagram above that you need to replace part 24, then on the table you will find that part 24 is the Drip Tray Heat Shield, and has the part # 24-B-44.

I Found My AOG Part Number, Now What?

You’re in luck! We carry most of these parts right here at American Outdoor Grill Shop, and many are in stock and are ready to be shipped within 1-2 business days. To order directly online, simply enter the part number in our site’s search engine (located on the left side of the page), or you can review our American Outdoor Grill Parts page. If you are still unable to locate your part on our site, feel free to contact us for pricing and availability of that part, and we would be happy to help!

Experiencing a problem in which you are unsure which part needs to be replaced? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide to see if you can resolve your problem without ordering parts!

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