American Outdoor Grill Insulating Liner

What is an American Outdoor Grill Insulating Liner, and Do I Need One?

American Outdoor Grill insulating liners, also known as insulated jackets, are created to provide a protective barrier between your built in grill head and any combustible materials that your kitchen island is made with. AOG built in grills are not insulated and therefore require (at minimum) 18” of clearances from unprotected combustible materials on every side. The insulating liners are created to protect your home, should your installation not meet these requirements.

For built in AOG grills, installation in a combustible enclosure requires an insulating liner. If you are using combustible materials such as wood, plastic, or stucco with wood framing in your installation, then you will need to purchase an insulating liner to protect your outdoor kitchen, home, and most importantly, your family and the people you love. You may view and purchase this insulating liner by following the link below.

Please note that if your outdoor kitchen island is made with non-combustible materials (e.g. brick, steel, or stone), then you do not need to purchase an insulating liner for your built in grill.

AOG Insulating Liner Parts and Installation

When you order the American Outdoor Grill insulating liner, you will receive the pre-assembled liner, two support hangers, and a heat shield. This kit is all inclusive and you will not need to order extra parts for installation.

Countertops and cabinet faces made of combustible material (such as wood, Formica, and Corian), can extend up against the outside walls of the insulating liner and be joined by a bead of silicone sealer rated for 400 degrees or higher. Never build over the insulating liner with combustible materials, as this will interfere with the grill hanger.

You may review the basic cut out dimensions on the tables below. In addition, you may also review the linked manual for further details on installation requirements and specifications.

How do I Insulate American Outdoor Grill Side Burners?

American Outdoor Grill Side Burners will already be insulated, so you will not need to purchase any additional insulating liners for these side burners, even if you have a combustable enclosure. To view and order our AOG side burners, you may follow the link below.

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