American Outdoor Grill Troubleshooting Guide

AOG Troubleshooting Problems & Solutions

If you are experiencing issues with your American Outdoor Built-In or Portable Grill, there may be a simple solution. Please feel free to use the following list to try and identify the problem. By trying one or more of these solutions as outlined in the manual, you should be able to solve the problem.

Note: Propane tanks are equipped with a safety shutdown device that may cause low or no gas/flame at the burners if operating and lighting instructions are not followed exactly. If you suspect the propane tank safety shutoff is in effect, shut off all burner control valves and the propane tank valve. Then read and follow the LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS exactly. Lighting instructions are located in the owner’s manual.

Replacing Your AOG Igniter Battery

The problems you are experiencing may be resolved with a fresh battery for your igniter. Your AOG igniter uses standard AA batteries, which you likely have in your home. Please see the below diagram for replacing your igniter battery.

Still Experiencing Issues?

If you have attempted to troubleshoot your American Outdoor Grill using the above list of probable causes and solutions and you are still experiencing issues, it might be time to contact your local dealer, or RH Peterson, the manufacturer of American Outdoor Grills. Please have your model number or serial number available so that they may be best able to assist you.

RH Peterson's Phone Number: 1-626-369-5085
RH Peterson's Website:

Please note that we are not the manufacturer of American Outdoor Grills but are independent dealers of their products. After speaking with RH Peterson and it has been determined that you require new parts for your grill, please Contact Us or review our AOG Replacement Parts Page for pricing and availability. - Copyright © 2023 All Rights Reserved